Our Story

Let’s Go Shopping!


In 2020, six brains from four different continents opened Estockyard offering three promises (quality, reasonability, and commitment) to their lovely customers.

We’ve always found this a burden to shop online because it felt expensive and we couldn’t even trust the quality. Knowing that we’re not alone since all of us are in the same boat, we thought of helping people get their favourite products with a blindfold on. Our store has everything that men, women, and children would love to have.


With our specialties like...

  • Hundreds of types of products
  • Zero-tolerance for low quality
  • Free International shipping
  • Low-profit margins
  • Knowing the worth of our customers’ money

You will love to shop here!


Our team includes two medical professionals, two information technology professionals, one banking administrator and one marketing professional, working in Australia, Europe, Asia, and America. We made our store available in English, Chinese, Portuguese, and Spanish to be of assistance to a much vast audience. We are Estockyard, and we’re ready to serve all of you.


Mission Statement

We have the vision to improve the online shopping experience of people across the globe so they know they can buy excellent quality products at a super reasonable price. Also, we plan to build our inventory of about 10,000 products by 2022, making sure everyone stays happy shopping from Estockyard.