540 micro needle roller pen

540 micro needle roller pen

8th Jan 2021

540 micro needle roller pen micro needling needles

  • By using a microneedle roller pen, you can make your skin free from various imperfections such as acne, burned scars, stretch marks, acne pits, open pores, and some others as well. In the last decade, great advancements have been made to the microneedles used in this pen due to which it can be now used in certain kinds of facial surgeries as well.
  • §What is the process of using a 540-microneedle roller pen?
  • There are steps that you required to follow to get treated by a microneedle roller pen.
  • 1.Sanitize your skin and the 540-microneedle roller pen to decrease the chances of contact with germs. To clean this roller pen thoroughly, put it inside an alcohol-based solution, and dry it up when you take it out from this. The best time to use this roller pen is during the night as your skin can not be exposed to sunlight at this time.
  • 2.To begin the process, roll this roller pen up and down on certain portions of your skin like the forehead, cheeks, etc. Do not apply pressure on the roller pen.
  • 3.Now move the roller pen side by side with these parts of your skin and after you have done this process to your skin, then begin to move it diagonally. Do not spend more than 2 minutes on each of these movements. Do not bring this roller pen towards your eye and mouth area.
  • 4.After you have completed the rolling process, apply the serum that you have used in the roller pen on parts of your face. Also, put on some sunscreen to provide a layer of protection to your skin. Do not use any makeup or workout or hot showers till 24 hours of your procedure have passed.
  • 5.The last step is to thoroughly clean your roller pen with an alcohol solution as this removes many germs from it. Do not give your roller pen to any other person for usage and change its needles after every three months to be safe from developing any skin allergies.
  • This is the whole process that one can follow if they want to use a roller pen on their skin.
  • §How does a 540-microneedle roller pen help you to remove defects from your skin?
  • Their steps through which a 540-microneedle roller pen helps to get you clear skin, are mentioned below.
  • 1)First, you need to place the 540-microneedle roller pen on the portion of your skin that contains certain defects.
  • 2)On this portion, the microneedles would develop a small amount of trauma on the exterior part of your skin on which the procedure has to be done.
  • 3)Due to this, your skin would begin to heal. This would result in the development of certain anti-ageing elements such as collagen and elastin.
  • 4)These substances would travel deep inside that portion of your skin to boost its healing process and after some time has passed you would be able to see a clear difference in your skin.
  • §How long does it take before a person sees a difference in their skin?
  • It depends upon the area of your skin and on the kind of treatment that you would have gotten through a 540-microneedle roller pen. If you have gone through a basic treatment such as making your skin tighter to reduce the percentage of pores in your skin, then the results of these treatments can be seen instantly after your procedure has been completed. But if you have gone through a major treatment like an anti-ageing one then you would able to see the results on your skin after 4 to 6 weeks have passed because the production of collagen and various other anti-ageing substances surely help in boosting your healing process, however, the body takes some time so that it can produce new and healthy skin cells which can make you look beautiful once again.
  • §After how much time should one get treated again?
  • In the beginning, you should get this treatment one time per week and If you tend to see some positive changes on your skin then you can get yourself treated twice or even thrice a week.
  • §Are there any risks of getting micro-needling?
  • Micro-needling contains the least number of risks as compared to other skin treatments.
  • Some risks that a person can become a victim to if they get any of the micro-needling treatment done are that some parts of their skins can begin to bleed, bruises start to develop on your skin.
  • Sometimes people tend to develop various kinds of skin infections.
  • You can carry out a micro-needling treatment at home by purchasing a roller pen home kit but it is recommended to people to get this procedure done by a skin professional as this helps a person to reduce chances of developing any kind of side effects through this disease.
  • §What is the cost of getting a micro-needling process done?
  • A session of a micro-needling process starts from about $100 and can go up to $700.
  • The cost of getting a micro-needling process done depends on the kind of beautician that would perform this process and on the size of the portion of the skin on which you want to get treated. This process is not covered by any insurance company.
  • §Is this micro-needling process effective?
  • It surely effective because most people, who have undergone this treatment, have been able to see major differences in the condition of their skins.
  • If you want to get better results from micro-needling then you should take several sessions of it.
  • Many skin professionals recommended their customers this skin treatment because of its percentage of success.
  • Final thoughts
  • All in All, micro-needling is an effective and cost-effective process as it removes all of the imperfections from a person's face and makes them look flawless.