Activewear for Women

Activewear for Women

8th Jan 2021

Best 7 Activewear for Women

Activewear is a sort of sports clothing that might not hinder the sport and physical exercise. It should be comfortable and safe to wear. Activewear has different categories for men and women. Speaking of women’s activewear - we have legging, shorts, sports bras, and others.

The women’s activewear comes in different sizes and colors to choose from, the one that best fits your size. You do not want your clothing to be very lousy as they are challenging to carry. Neither do they need to be slim-fit or too skinny.

Seamless Yoga Set

The yoga set usually comes in different colors - and different variants - One with shorts and the other variant with high-waist leggings. Several colors such as blue, pink, purple, green, gray, and maroon are available. You can buy one of these individually - or as a complete pack.

It comes in different sizes such as Small, Medium, and Large for all products - be it bras, leggings, tops, shorts, or pants. You can wear them during the poise and calm yoga sessions.

Features of Seamless Yoga Set

●They are economical

●Available in different colors

●The fabric is comfortable and stretchable.

●Super breathable activewear

Activewear Crop Top and Skirt Set

The crop top and skirt set are available in four different sizes, such as small, medium, large, extra-large. Hence, it is technically available for everyone - no matter what their body size is. Moreover, since gym and sports require some sort of variability, the top and skirt set is available in sage, khaki, white, black and pink colors.

The crop top and skirt set is best to wear during the running and gym sessions as they are very comfortable.


●It is very comfortable and breathable.

●The color spectrum is very cool.

●The fabric of the crop top and skirt is stretchable.

Long Sleeve Gym Cropped Top and Seamless Leggings

Coming in green, pink, and blue color, this crop top and leggings is super stylish to wear. It gives the right support to your arms, hands, and wrist as well. It is available in small, medium, and large sizes. Its high fitting shirt comes with a zipper in front - so it perfectly conforms to your size.

You can wear it either for the gym, running, or yoga sessions as well. It is not only comfortable but gives you a very stylish and fashionable look.

Features of Long Sleeve Gym Crop Top

●It is super breathable.

●Both shirt and leggings have high elasticity.

●It is soft and flexible.

●Support your hand and wrist movements

Women Black Camo Leggings and Top Set

The black camo fitness suit is perfect for all ladies who want to style a bit extra for their gym and yoga sessions. The camo suit is printed and is made of nylon and spandex. It comes in black, purple, and green colors.

The high-waist leggings are slim fit, and stretchable. All the sizes, such as small, medium, and large, are available. On the top, the shirt has a high-neck and a very fancy style at the back. It gives the suit a more modern feel.


●It comes in printed fabric.

●Nylon is wearable in winters as well.

●The suit is sufficiently elastic.

●It supports the shoulders and waist during exercise.

2 Pieces Yoga Sets

The two-piece yoga set is super attractive and perfectly designed for young women out there. It comes in black, blue, green, and a rosy red color. The shirt and leggings' sleeves are well-designed with fine nets that cover both the wrist and the hand.

The style not only makes the suit breathable, but it gives it a specific style as well. So, no more yoga or gym in the ordinary drab clothing. It has all three sizes available such as small, medium, and large.


●It is super stylish to wear

●It is breathable and equally supportive.

●The shirt covers the whole back.

●You can wear it during the winters.

Ombre Women Yoga Set

The ombre women yoga set is a minimal design and perfectly covers your body. It is a slim fit and has a transition in color. It has different variants in blue, green, gray, red, orange, and pink colors.

You can comfortably wear the suit for any of the physical activities - be it yoga, cycling, fitness, dancing, running, or archery. It gives you a very minimal yet style look.

Features of Ombre Yoga Set

●It has a soft and stretchable fabric.

●The thick material allows no see-through.

●Perfect for outdoor activities

●Removable pads in a sports bra

●Slim fit long sleeves yoga shirt with thumb hole

●Slim fit short sleeve crop top

●High waist and supporter yoga pants

JOYMODE Women's Outfits

The Joymode Women outfit is made of 70% nylon, 25% polyester, and spandex. It is highly elastic and skin-friendly. It has a medium thickness and quick-dry properties. The color gradient is fantastic as it gives a casual yet bold style.

The shirt comes with long sleeves with a thumb hole. Moreover, it has a butt lifting and tummy controlling arched design. Thus, it gives a very charming and beautiful curve. Furthermore, you can pair these with your own sports bra, t-shirts, skirts, and leggings.

The workout suit is suitable for yoga, gym, exercise, workout, jogging, and fitness.


●It has a soft, lightweight, and quick-dry fabric.

●Joymode fabric is very comfortable and skin-friendly

●It comes in a round neck and short sleeves.

●The leggings are sufficiently high waist.

●It has a color gradient.

●It gives a butt lifter effect to your body.

Bottom line

All the activewear is usually comfortable and stretchable. However, it depends on your body size and figure, which one would go perfectly with you. Moreover, if you are more into workout than yoga, you might need a more padded active suit. On the other hand, women who do yoga and running can suffice with a somewhat lighter one.