​Female Blazer

​Female Blazer

8th Jan 2021

Female Blazer: Why is it important to have one in your wardrobe?

We see that all women seek to be elegant and stylish, especially with what we watch every day on social media when we talk about celebrities. Today, the blazer is a super trendy, iconic, and even must-have item in any women's wardrobe!

To be chic and elegant in all circumstances, the blazer is the fashion reflex you should have.

What is a blazer?

The blazer is somewhere between the formal suit and the casual sports jacket. It is an exquisite and comfortable outfit that structures your bust with a v-shaped closure. It is perfect for all seasons according to its material and its print.

It is worth mentioning that it was only for formal wear, but today they can be worn every day.It dresses you up in the blink of an eye and makes you look great. It is magical how you will immediately feel as stylish as you wear it!

Origins of the blazer

We have different stories about the origin of this item. One story focuses on the year 1837 when the ship HMS Blazer made his crew wear navy blue cross blazers with copper buttons on the Royal Navy during Queen Victoria's visit to his ship.

Another possible story is that the name blazer comes from the "blazes" or stripes found on country club jackets in the 1870s.

The blazer, which was initially for men, has been integrated into the women's wardrobe since the 1920s during Gabrielle Chanel's significant creative period. Moreover, its range of colors and textiles has been expanded over the years, and nowadays, blazers are produced in many different colors and materials.

The blazer conquers the fashion houses

Giorgio Armani brought this outfit back to the fashion industry after presenting his first collection of unstructured men's blazers in 1975. This blazer was less formal than a suit jacket; however, it was still appropriate for a professional atmosphere. Armani blazers could be worn as a vest or jacket; they were both casual and sophisticated.

How to wear it

The blazer can give a touch of style to any outfit, even the most basic one. It is also very feminine when it is carefully chosen and beautifully worn. It can be worn with dresses, sneakers, and heels.

The cuts of the blazer

The blazer has two cuts:

A curved cut that shapes your waist; it is about the same length as your hips. It is worn tight. It can be short or a little longer (and in the latter case, it can also be crossed with four buttons instead of one or two).

A straight cut gives verticality and makes you look taller, with a length that goes to the beginning of the thighs. It looks like a suit jacket.

Most common fabrics used to make a blazer

Fabric plays the most vital role in the differentiation of the blazer from the suit and sports jackets. A blazer's material can be less sturdy, lighter, in different patterns, and with additional details.

The main fabrics used for the blazer are:

Worsted Wool

It is quite common and easy to find but can make a blazer look like an old fashioned blazer.


It is a rare fabric that is created from multiple yarns in wool. This fabric is usually completed in a plain weave. It is excellent for use during the summer due to its thin lining, but it is generally not recommended for all seasons .


A soft and luxurious 100% cashmere blazer is a great option to wear with chinos. Durability is a small issue, but the quality of cashmere also plays an important role.


Usually, with a clear finish, serge has been an essential fabric of military uniforms for many years. It usually has a flat, diagonal rib pattern.


The flannel is a soft fabric, which is most often created from wool or cotton. It is usually woven in twill.

The most known models of blazers

Plaid blazer

In linen, viscose, or polyester, the plaid blazer is asserting itself these last years. This model gives a very classy look . It is indeed more classic, but it is a matter of wearing it appropriately.It is available in all fabrics and therefore at all price levels. You can wear it with a plain t-shirt and jeans + heels, for example.

Long blazer

It is soberly chic and naturally formal; it mixes conventions with more unusual outfits such as a denim miniskirt and sneakers pair.

The blazer with a belt

The blazer is adorned with a pretty belt to add a masculine-feminine touch. Whether printed or plain, the belt emphasizes the waist to highlight the woman's femininity. This is simple but very chic indeed.

How to choose the blazer that suits you?

The choice of the material is up to you. On the other hand, for the design, always choose the one that suits your morphology.

  • Small?

If you are small, you can opt for a short and curved version to not compress your silhouette. Avoid the straight cut, which will make your silhouette too explicit.

  • Slim?

You can wear the curved and fitted model if you're slim, to give you volume, or the straight model more flared to suit your taste. The first one will be very feminine; the second one will provide you with a little masculine touch rather sexy.

  • Large?

If you are tall, there are no restrictions. You can choose any of the two models according to your taste: short or long.

  • Round?

If you're round, choose the straight and more extended version to make your hips more fluid and give more verticality to your silhouette. This design will make you look longer for an attractive look . Avoid cuts that are too short and curved, which will create an unsightly effect on your appearance.