Gorgeous jacket

Gorgeous jacket

8th Jan 2021

Show your femininity by wearing a gorgeous jacket

The world of women's fashion has a wide variety of shapes and types of clothing.

The jacket is an essential item of clothing that no woman's wardrobe exists in this world without having one or two models, whether she is veiled, a student, a worker, or a housewife.

The fashion of jackets

Jackets are one of the most timeless outfits that everyone can wear at any time of the year, regardless of the style of clothing or the climate of the region where you live.

They are not just a clothing item; they are also considered an accessory in a woman's outfit. In other words, thejacket doesn't just keep us warm; the way it is worn is just as important.

Types of Jackets

There are many types of female jackets. Here are the most popular ones that every woman should own at least one or two of them: the fur jacket, the cardigan, the suit jacket, the woolen coats, the leather jacket, the rain jacket, the parkas, the jeans jacket, the tunic, the cape jacket, and the linen jacket.

The fur jacket

It is the best choice for many women, particularly for those who don't wear the jacket with the style of their clothes and at the same time, they want a more stylish jacket. This type of jacket is suitable for both casual and elegant clothes. Fur jackets add a touch of elegance to a woman's personality. Such jackets have become a symbol of the royal family in Great Britain, and they are often worn with fur accessories, coats, and scarves.

The cardigan

It is generally made of wool, but different brands have begun to normalize it with all materials with its rapid spread. One of its recent famous models is the very long cardigan, which resembles "Abaya" or the Turkish coat. Therefore, it has spread vigorously in the Gulf countries and from there to the rest of the Middle East and then to the other countries.

The suit jacket (or classic jacket)

It is explicitly designed for formal occasions and works. It gives a practical and traditional look to the women's clothing. It generally comes in different colors and styles, with various cuts, prints, and designs. This means that there is one for every occasion.

This type of jacket is very trendy this fall and winter. It is distinguished by its cut that matches the lines of the body. It is available in one or two rows of buttons and is suitable for work and formal occasions when compatible with a classic suit or a luxurious dress.

Woolen coats

Its handle-shaped buttons distinguish this thick jacket, mainly made of leather or wood, and equipped with straps. This type of jacket has large knitted pockets on the outside, in addition to a hat.

The woolen jacket is the only one that goes with every woman's style. Thus, it is an essential winter item in any women's wardrobe. It is usually made of heavy fabrics such as wool and velour. This thick jacket is somewhat casual, but it also offers you the qualities of high elegance. At the same time, it gives the body a casual look while keeping the woman very warm, trendy, and chic.

The leather jacket

Whether long or short, it is undoubtedly one of the everyday items that would make her appear as an attractive heroine is found in a woman's wardrobe. It is also called, in some places, a motorcycle jacket.

The rain jacket

It is one of the very lightest types of jackets. It is made of nylon. It is only useful to protect clothes from rainwater, and not to ensure warmth.

Its vivid colors mainly distinguish it. These jackets are used primarily to help others to see you on the street in bad weather. It has made a strong comeback in the last few years and has been widely popular. The rain jacket is super cute and goes with pretty much things, as sometimes we need something that will protect us from the heavy rain.


The parka is often worn with fur and a hat. It has a very casual character.It represents the symbol of women's fashion.

It is mainly matched with jeans and lace-up boots. The parka jacket is generally longer. It comes more often in soft colors. It is very appropriate to protect the woman from the cold.

The jeans jacket

It is the most popular and most sold youth item. It can be worn daily without getting bored; it also adapts to all colors and cuts.

The tunic

It is similar to the design of a blazer , except that this one is much longer. Therefore, we find that these jackets' shortest length reaches the knee, whereas some models can get the ankles. Tunics are recommended for tall women because they make them look more concise due to their somewhat excessive length.

The cape jacket

It is very similar to the dress, except that its most important characteristic is that it does not contain sleeves. Therefore, it is identical to a shawl, but it is made of heavy fabrics like velour and wool.

The linen jacket

It is a type of jacket that women prefer to wear in the summer because they think it's somehow cooler and cuter. Those jackets are mainly made of light fabric to feel comfortable.

These are the most critical and famous types or models of female jackets that a woman can have throughout the year. If the woman's wardrobe does not contain at least two of these models, she needs to go shopping.

Fashion experts generally recommend that every woman have at least two essential jackets; one elegant for work and high-end occasions, and the other for casual and leisure events. Jackets are a must!